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Concrete Floor Design, Installation & Repair Services

Our Concrete Flooring construction services include:

  • New Construction Concrete Flooring
  • Structural & Formwork
  • Foundations and walls
  • Tilt-up construction
  • Slab and high tolerance concrete floor construction
  • Both Industrial & Commercial Applications

Concrete Floor Repair

All floors suffer from wear and tear overtime, regardless of the material they are made from so do be prepared to have your flooring looked at by professionals from time-to-time. Generally, a concrete floor should be refinished between five to ten years of usage, depending on the traffic flow across the flooring.

Crack repairs and joint repairs can be easily fixed when epoxy is applied as all that has to be done is to remove the original coating, readjust the flooring and then re-seal the surface. This exercise can be done on numerous types of damaged flooring, including concrete slabs which have been rained upon, cracked, contaminated or stained with acid.

Generally, your concrete floor servicing specialist should be able to also perform concrete scarifying, concrete resurfacing, concrete overlays, micro-toppings, levelling, expansion joint repairs and patching repairs. Some agencies even go the extra mile and help their customers file insurance work as well, for emergency events like floor damage caused by flooding.

 Floor Experts in Many Industries

As not all floors are used in the same way, it is best to seek professional advice before deciding on the right floor finishing or repairs for your floor space. Most Atlanta Concrete Floor Services caters to both home and business owners, so be sure to contact them regardless of whether you are looking for flooring solutions to:

  • Retail Outlet Concrete Floors
  • Shopping Center Concrete Floors
  • Grocery Store Concrete Floors
  • University Concrete Floors
  • Education Facility Concrete Floors
  • High School Concrete Floors
  • Restaurant Concrete Floors
  • Cafes and Deli Concrete Floors
  • Corporate Facility Concrete Floors
  • Showroom Concrete Floors
  • Exhibition Hall Concrete Floors
  • Church Concrete Floors
  • Warehouse Concrete Floors
  • Factory Concrete Floors
  • Industrial Concrete Floors
  • Plant Concrete Floors
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